If you have launched a website you would like people to find it when users are searching for your products or services, bringing enquiries and ultimately more customers. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way of building and maintaining a website so that the code and content are readable by the search engines enabling them to display your website as high as possible when the relevant search terms are entered.

Search engines such as Google want the correct result to come up when users are searching for a product or service. As a professional web design agency, Mello Systemz work within the guidelines set down by Google and the other major search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Ask to ensure that your website will have the best chance of achieving a high position. Professionally built websites, easy to navigate and with well written and relevant content are rewarded by Google with a better position. Your website can appear in two ways:


These are the listings that are in the main body of the search results, sometimes referred to as organic listings. Only the search engine them can decide which websites get to page one and which are consigned to page one hundred. They use algorithms that award points for around 30 different features which include the quality of the website build readability, keyword density, relevance of keywords to page titles and one-way links. Using our SEO experience, we optimize each page of your website to take into account all these requirements.

One of the ways that Google consider the importance of a website and therefore how high it should be in their listing, is the number and quality of other sites linking back to your website. As a part of our SEO campaign, we will hand build article-based links that are relevant to your business and that will direct users to the relevant page on your website. For example, if you sell hair products and one of your key phrases is “shampoo for redheads” then if someone typed this phrase into Google, it would take them directly to the “Shampoo for Redheads” page, rather than just to your home page. Google looks at this as being helpful to the person searching and will reward you with a higher listing.


Google Ad Words, sometimes called Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising are the sponsored link boxes to the right of and sometimes at the top of the natural listings. Every time someone clicks on your advert, you pay Google an agreed amount for that click. The great thing is you don’t pay anything for someone to just look at your ad, it is only when they are interested enough in what they read to click on your link that you generate a charge.

Skill and experience are needed in managing a PPC campaign to avoid wasting your money. Web One Hundred manage PPC accounts on behalf of our clients and our services include keyword research, competitor research and writing several relevant and punchy ads within the confines of the number of characters allowed. We also ensure that your ad appears at the correct time of day and specific parts of the UK or the World, so that no clicks are wasted.

The company Google charge for AdWords based on an agreed price per click which will vary depending on the competitive nature of the keywords. Web agencies receive no discount from Google for setting up and managing AdWords accounts so we charge a fee for our management services which is based on a percentage of the AdWords spend plus a set up fee which will vary depending on the size of the campaign and the number and competitiveness of your products or services. We also have available from time to time FREE AdWords voucher.

A brief overview of how we set up and manage your account is listed below.

Keyword research to find out what users are actually typing in the search box when looking for your products and services

Identifying your top 10 competitors and seeing what key words the top performers are using.
Setting up your own AdWords account within our Google Client Centre.
Setting up a Google Analytics account so you can track the progress of your campaign.

Goal setting and Conversion Tracking

Setting up each campaign to be relevant to each area of your business. If you were an optician we would set up separate campaigns for Opticians, Contact Lenses, Spectacles, Sunglasses etc, each directed to the correct page on your website.
Designing punchy and eye catching adverts that relate to the search term to encourage visitors to click on them when they are displayed.

Daily monitoring of bids and ROI.

Monitoring daily spending limits and increasing if required after client consultation.
Monthly reporting giving details of keyword and advert popularity. We will increase the exposure of popular terms and delete the non performing ones. This increases your Google Quality Score which will give you a higher position at a lower cost per click.

It is important to have your website optimized and submitted regularly to the search engines. SEO can take between 6 and 9 months before your website starts appearing in a high position although once it is there, with correct management and monthly submissions, it should stay there. Our SEO and link-building campaigns are for a minimum of 6 months duration.

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